How to make pigtails all over your head by yourself

How to make pigtails all over your head by yourself
There are a lot of options for creating stitches with the help of braids. Greek, Swiss, African, Thai – all these are types of braids. Most of them you can do yourself, without recourse to a specialist. Extremely popular to this day remains styling called "spikelets" or "dragon". It takes very little time to create it, but it will look spectacular all day long, as it does not require additional care.

You will need
  • Для того, чтобы заплести косичку по всей голове, вам понадобится несколько капель геля или мусса для волос, а также расческа и два зеркала. Для работы нужно иметь волосы хотя бы средней длины, в противном случае прическа может совсем не получиться.
To start, do on head прямой пробор. Нанесите на локоны немного мусса или геля, это сделает их более послушными. Главное, не переусердствуйте. Иначе это может утяжелить hairstyle.

Take a small strand volos in the place where you want start spit, and divide it into three equal parts.
Start weave ordinary pigtail. The left strand goes under the central one. Then the right one lies under the left and the central one, and itself becomes middle. Then repeat these steps again.

Now select a small hair line and attach it to the left strand. Similarly, do the other side.
With each weave, take small strands until all the hair is intertwined hair.
Then repeat this operation on the other part of the parting.

The ends of the resulting braid can be wrapped inwards or associate together.

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