How to Make Perfume

How to Make Perfume
Making perfume yourself is incredibly simple. And, interestingly, the olfactory handmade can be hundreds of times closer to you in spirit. And the smell.

You will need
  • Directly essential oils of several types (the more, the better)
  • Jojoba oil as a carrier substance or 90-percent alcohol
  • Water
  • Нюхательные бумажки (обычная бумага, разрезанная на полоски)
  • Perfume bottles
  • Fantasy and intuition
To begin with, we will need to determine the main note of your spirits. To do this, you simply need select тот запах, что нравится вам больше других. Если выбор проблематичен, то можно, например, обратиться к аюрведе, которая утверждает, что есть два универсальных Oil for this purpose: pink or jasmine. Just like in the color scheme, there are concepts of "cold" and "warm" smells. But the most important thing is to turn to your own intuition, which will certainly prompt something suitable.

Then you need to decide on the the foundation. Масло жожоба славится своей стойкостью. Однако оно довольно жирное, что не всегда удобно. Потому спирт тоже используют как несущую субстанцию. Духи на спирте можно наносить и на hair.

There are classical ratio notes of the olfactory composition: the initial note, middle and final, which are added in the ratio 1: 2: 3. The final note, that добавляют больше всего (и которая «звучит» громче) и есть то главное масло, которое мы уже выбрали. Второй масло к ней нужно подбирать так: две разные бумажки макаем совсем чуть-чуть в масло, затем обе подносим к носу (но так, чтобы они не дотрагивались друг до друга). Если combination Like it, then mix the oil. It is advisable to record each step, because it is likely that you will like your perfume so much that later you will want to cook the same fragrant potion. The first note is alcohol and jojoba-basis. On classic combinations, too, do not styote obsessing about – the oils give a fool to the imagination and at some experience allow you to work miracles!

So, having picked up the musical fragrant chord, you must pour them into the pre-prepared flasks and dilute the resulting substance with the support base. Mix it is necessary here in this proportion: 10 milligrams of alcohol plus about 15 drops of oil and 10 milligrams of water. If you use jojoba oil, then 10 milligrams of the base and 20 drops of other oils. When you dilute one oil to another, be sure to mix them well.
The last step is to allow the spirits to settle for about one or two weeks. Then you can start them with pleasure use.

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