How to make paraffin baths

How to make paraffin baths
Paraffinotherapy is a professional SPA procedure that can be performed at home. Molten Viscous paraffin not only softens and relieves fatigue, but also helps reduce pain in arthritis.

You will need
  • – medical paraffin;
  • – heating device;
  • – polyethylene bags;
  • – terry socks;
  • – a towel;
  • – hand cream.
Paraffin wax baths Ideal for improving the condition of the skin of the hands and feet. To take a medicinal bath, buy at the pharmacy a medical paraffin and a special container for its warming up. The purchase device, by the way, can be replaced by any enameled utensils with high edges; the main thing is that it can fully fit feet or hands.

Melt the water bath 2-3 kg of paraffin, avoiding getting water into it. During this time, prepare the skin for the procedure, for example, make a scrub peeling and apply a moisturizer.

Once the paraffin melt, check if it is too hot. The temperature of the tub should be warm and not burn the skin, if you drop on your wrist. Put your hands or feet into melted paraffin for 10 seconds, then pull and hold the same amount of time in the air.

Repeat the procedure about 7-8 times until a thick layer of paraffin "socks" or "gloves" is formed on the skin. Then put polyethylene bags on your hands or feet, and on top – terry mittens or socks. Please wait 30 minutes.

Спустя полчаса снимите теплые вещи и полиэтилен, затем аккуратно подденьте край парафиновой маски и удалите ее. Протрите кожу рук или ступней влажным полотенцем, нанесите питательный крем.

Take such trays not more often than 2 once a month. Due to the increase in skin temperature at 1-2 degrees, paraffin stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolic processes, makes the skin velvety and strengthens the nails. After the first treatment, the skin will become smooth and supple.

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