How to make oriental makeup

How to make oriental makeup
Make-up in the oriental style is considered evening – its expressiveness, brightness and mystery is too expressive for everyday life. The main emphasis is on the eyes, which become attractive, the lips remain pale and natural.

Define a palette of shadows – they should be bright, shiny and iridescent. You can use a rich matte tone, but the radiance of mother-of-pearl will give your make-up a solemn and festive shade. Shadows should highlight and emphasize the natural color of the eyes, so be guided by the color of the iris – for makeup of dark eyes it is better to choose shades of blue, cool red tones, yellow and green. Bright eyes (green, gray or blue) underline with pure golden and silvery hues, or tones of purple.

The skin should get a warm matte shade, so choose a tonal reminder for the tone darker – apply it on the cleansed and moistened skin, emphasize cheekbones, temples and chin with an even darker foundation. All transitions blush, and on top of the foundation, apply a layer of powder.

Eyebrows should be clear, smooth and slightly elongated at the temples – emphasize their shape and length with a dark pencil or shadows.

Focus on the inner corners of the eye and fracture of the eyebrow – apply light pearl shadows on these areas. Choose three or four primary colors for eye make-up and apply them: the lightest under the eyebrows and closer to the bridge of the nose, the darkest in the crease of the upper eyelid – lead a thick line to the temples. The darkest shadows of the palette emphasize the outer corners of the lower eyelid – draw a dense line right under the eyelashes. Transparent color transitions, so that there is no sharp contrast.

With the help of a fat pencil or a liquid eyeliner of black color, select the outline of the eye, change the incision of the eyes to the amygdala. The line of the liner must begin very thinly at the inner corner of the upper eyelid, gradually thicken and at the edge of the eye turn into an arrow. On the edge of the lower eyelid, also draw spectacular arrows, and on the upper eyelashes, apply mascara of rich black in several layers. Lower eyelashes also need to be tinted, but only once.

Губы накрасьте матовой помадой телесного цвета, а сверху покройте их слоем прозрачного блеска. Они не должны выделяться, но можно немного увеличить величину губ при помощи объемного блеска.

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