How to make ombre on hair

How to make ombre on hair
Ombre is a gradient color of hair, in which the ends of the hair should be a few tones lighter than the roots. It is important that the transition from one color to another is smooth and smooth. Make ombre on hair can be both in the cabin, and at home.

You will need
  • – Comb;
  • – gloves;
  • – Hair clarifier;
  • – Paint;
  • – Brush or toothbrush;
  • – a mirror;
  • – Shampoo;
  • – towel
Determine the place where the color transition will begin. Be based on the fact that the lower the transition begins, the more natural it will look. A transition from the chin level is considered to be classical.

Before coloring the hair in the ombre technique, carefully comb your hair. Around the place where the ombre starts, make a weak coat. Due to this step the transition will be less dramatic.

Divide them into 8 equal strands. If your hair is thick, then you can increase the number of strands. Each lock with a rubber band or hair clip.

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Prepare the paint. You can use bleach or a hair clarifier. Then the effect will be much brighter. But the paint more sparing way affects the structure of the hair.

Gently apply a lightening brush from the tips of your hair. Carefully stain every strand. Do not hurry. Dye your hair in small areas, evenly applying paint. Check with a mirror, all whether hair, which was planned to lighten up stained.

Allow the bleach to soak. On the packaging, the manufacturer indicates the time required for painting. Typically, this can take from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the desired result. But do not overdo the paint, otherwise you can permanently damage your hair.

To check the result, take a small strand and wash it with water. If the resulting shade suits you, then start to wash off all the paint from your hair, while not removing the gloves from your hands. Rinse each strand thoroughly with warm water. After wash the head with shampoo. It is advisable if he is insipid.

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Again, divide the hair into strands, first combing them.

Wear gloves and prepare the paint. Usually the manufacturer puts a few bottles in the packaging, which must be mixed before painting.

Apply the paint with a brush to the previously cleared sections of the hair. Also paint the areas a little higher.

Apply a second, more dense coat of paint to the ends of the hair. With the reverse ombre, all actions are done directly opposite.

Check that all the areas are painted and leave the paint on the hair specified by the manufacturer time.

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