How to Make Oil for Hair

How to Make Oil for Hair
Since ancient times, women have been used to treat volos Nutritional oils. Today, despite the availability of modern cosmetics on the shelves, do butter for volos in the kitchen any mistress can. Therapeutic oils contain in their composition many vitamins and fatty acids, thanks to which they intensively nourish and strengthen voloss.

You will need
  • – масло репейника, жожоба, виноградной косточки, миндальное, льняное масло
  • – vitamins A and E
Wash volosы и немного их подсушите.

To make butter for volos, take a deep bowl or any other container in which you can warm it up. Fill the bowl with necessary for your length volos butterм.Добавьте в лечебное butter a few drops of vitamins. For fragile and brittle volos подойдут витамины А и Е. Они продаются в любой pharmacies in the form of oil, in liquid виде.

Heat the mixture on a low heat, stirring gently (do not boil!). Bring it to a comfortable temperature.

Наносите лечебное butter on volosWith gentle movements, combining this process with a massage head. Pay special attention to the roots volos: massage them gently with your fingertips. Spread the remaining oil along the entire length volos. In addition, process the tips volos, as a rule, they often suffer from dryness and fragility, so apply enough oil on them.

After applying the oil, put a shower cap on the head. You can also wrap voloss a package of polyethylene or food film. Для усиления эффекта оберните голову полотенцем, оно поможет сохранить тепло и ускорит обмен полезных веществ.

You are holding butter on volosah a couple of hours, some types of oils can be left even at night.

Rinse the medicinal butter, use a gentle sparing shampoo.

Apply on volosa balm or mask, but after applications This is not necessary for the therapeutic oil, since the oils themselves have a conditioning effect and facilitate combing volos.

Нанесите на кончики volos additionally butter из миндаля или виноградной косточки для дополнительного питания и увлажнения.Не смывайте.

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