How to make oil for a safe tan

How to make oil for a safe tan
To sunbathe brought us only joy, we should learn to protect our skin competently. As part of the means for tanning mass production contains a considerable amount of unsafe for human components. Therefore, home cosmetics deserve our close attention. This recipe of natural remedy is simple in execution. Oil not only prevents skin from wilting and burns, but also helps to acquire a beautiful velvet tan.

You will need
  • – sesame oil 50 ml;
  • – rice bran oil 50 ml;
  • – walnut oil 50 ml;
  • – essential oil of lavender 10 drops;
  • – Chamomile essential oil 10 drops;
  • – essential oil of carrot seeds 10 drops;
  • – lavender hydrolyte (or rose) 50 ml;
  • – container with a dispenser.
In a small container pour sesame (sesame) oil. It has a wide range of cosmetic effects: moisturizes the skin, stimulates oxygen exchange, promotes natural collagen synthesis, prevents skin aging due to excessive exposure to sunlight, is a natural UV filter.
How to make oil for a safe tan

Добаввляем масло рисовых отрубей. Это очень легкое гипоаллергенное масло, которое успешно применяют для придания коже упругости и эластичности. Является отличным защитником от УФ-излучения.
How to make oil for a safe tan

We add walnut oil. This is the main secret of acquiring and preserving a bronze, velvety tan. In addition, it has a number of properties beneficial to the skin: moisturizes, tones, rejuvenates.
How to make oil for a safe tan

We enrich the product with essential oils. Lavender oil has a beneficial effect on the skin and on the nervous system, fulfills the barrier function, not allowing UV rays to injure the skin. Essential oil of chamomile possesses irreplaceable in protection from the sun calming and nutritious properties. Essential oil of carrots regulates the work of sebaceous and sweat glands, makes the skin supple, and tan is really beautiful.
How to make oil for a safe tan

Finish the product by adding lavender hydrolyte. It moisturizes and soothes sensitive, irritated skin. It is an obligatory water phase.
How to make oil for a safe tan

Переливаем в удобную емкость (желательно с дозатором). Это двухфазное средство, поэтому перед применением его обязательно нужно взбалтывать, смешивая жирную и водную фазы. Наносить за 20 минут до выхода под открытое солнце. Обновлять каждые 1-1,5 часа.

The oil is suitable for all skin types, it is perfectly absorbed, does not clog pores and leaves no traces on clothes. Can be used for children.

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