How to make night cream at home

How to make night cream at home
Sometimes, getting lost in cosmetic shops among a variety of facial skin creams, many women often forget that the compositions of these creams are developed on the basis of recipes that have survived to our days from ancient times. In those days, women themselves made face creams. The principle of making creams has not changed since then, only the composition of the components has changed. A modern woman, too, will not make much effort to prepare a face cream at home.

You will need
  • – баночка для крема;
  • – a small saucepan;
  • – a small plastic food container;
  • – wooden spatula;
  • – a mixer;
  • – 50 гр. детского крема;
  • – jojoba oil;
  • – wheat germ oil;
  • – grape seed oil;
  • chamomile water;
  • – emulsifying agent;
  • – Vitamin A oil solution
  • – oil solution of vitamin E;
  • – консервант.
Prepare the cream in domestic conditions можно двумя способами: без базовой основы и на базовой основе.

Крем на базовой основе. Ночной крем для лица должен быть легкой текстуры. Поэтому за базовую основу вам необходимо взять нежирный детский крем, в составе которого должны отсутствовать парабены.

In a small plastic container, put the baby cream.

Add ten drops of jojoba oil and wheat germ oil. Jojoba oil, deeply penetrating into the pores, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face, prevents wrinkles. Wheat germ oil is used to prevent skin aging, eliminate wrinkles on the neck, face and especially around the eyes. It stimulates the muscular functions of the skin, than it exerts a strong anti-aging effect and smoothes mimic wrinkles.

There also add five drops of grape seed oil, which is known for its powerful antioxidant effect, improves the complexion, preserves the freshness and elasticity of the skin.

In the resulting composition, add half an teaspoon of oil solution of vitamins A and E, which are rightfully considered vitamins youth, and in cosmetology используются как основные составляющие витаминные добавки к кремам.

Vigorously mix the cream until smooth.

Если у вас не наблюдается аллергии на ароматические масла, тогда добавьте несколько капель в полученный крем.

To prepare a night cream without a base base, mix half a teaspoon of jojoba oil, grape seed and wheat germ. The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath.

К разогретым маслам добавьте один грамм эмульгатора и двадцать миллилитров подогретой ромашковой воды. Вымешайте смесь.

When the mixture has cooled and begins to thicken, add two drops of preservative to it. The resulting cream again two vigorously mix.

Transfer the cream into a pre-prepared jar and use it daily before going to bed, applying to thoroughly cleansed skin.

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