How to make nails strong at home

How to make nails strong at home
In order to make your nails strong at home, you do not need expensive tools. A little time, knowledge of the advice of folk cosmetics and your marigolds will always be healthy and beautiful. You will be surprised to learn how easily and easily you can have nails, which girl friends will envy.

Products for health of nails

To nails were strong, you need to eat right. Those who love dairy products have strong and healthy nails. If you are indifferent to dairy products, lean on the seafood. Enter the diet of sea kale and fish. Nail health also depends on eating meat and fruits. There must be enough of them in the diet.
Complex nail care consists in the mandatory use of nourishing and moisturizing hand cream, scrapes, compresses, trays and manicure.


In complex nail care, essential oils must be present. If your nails are loose, break down – pay attention to the oils of myrrh, bergamot, pine, cedar. If it is necessary to remove the inflammation – the oils of chamomile, rosemary, tea tree. Apply the essential oil in small amounts and carefully rub into the nail plates.
Nails can be pampered with various vitamin-fortified oils. For example, vitamin E is found in eggs, liver, milk, olive oil. In the pharmacy chain, you can buy special capsules containing vitamin E. Rub the vitamin at night, at least once a week, and your nails will cease to separate.

Bath with sea salt – an excellent tool for strengthening nails in the home conditions. Dissolve in warm water 100 grams of salt, add 2 drops of iodine. Put your hands down for twenty minutes. Such baths can be done once a week.
Olive oil with lemon juice is an excellent remedy that will make your nails strong and healthy. Preheat one tablespoon of olive oil a couple. Add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the nails. Wear cotton gloves and leave overnight.

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