How to make nails painting

How to make nails painting
Drawings on nails are not only an effective way of attracting attention to their hands, but also a good variant of relaxation. Having learned simple techniques of nail art, you can move on to more complex options. And there, perhaps, and consider the transformation of nail art from a hobby into a profession. After all, girls who like fantasy manicure, a lot, but those who know how to create bunches and landscapes on their fingertips is not enough. How can you learn the basics of this art?

You will need
  • – base for varnish;
  • – varnishes and acrylic colors of different colors;
  • – special effects (rhinestones, glitters, pearls and others);
  • – protective covering;
  • – drying in a spray;
  • – Polishing file or bar;
  • – needles and toothpicks;
  • – nail polish remover;
  • – cotton buds;
  • – plastic tips.
Tidy up nails. In addition to the standard manicure it is necessary to polish their surface with a soft saw or polishing bar. Apply a special base. If you have an uneven nail plate, you may need a leveling phyler.

Choose the necessary for painting varnishes, paints, brushes, as well as special effects – stencils, stamps, rhinestones, mica or shiny powder. Do not buy up the whole range of manicure departments – to begin with, stop by two or three options. Suddenly you do not like the process or the result of nail art?

Stock up with cotton buds, special pencils for correction of manicure and liquid for removing varnish. If you make a mistake with the picture or you do not like it, you can erase it and start over.

Think about the picture you want to see on your nails. For a start, you can decorate one or two nails on each hand, covering the rest with a one-color varnish of a harmonious color.

Потренируйтесь на листе белого картона, пластмассовых tips или профессиональных тестерах for varnishes. Adjust the density of the coating, the amount of lacquer that you need to type on the brush, the width of the lines, and so on. The quality of the picture depends on this. Do not forget to dry each layer applied, otherwise it will be difficult to save ready manicure from scuffs and chips.

Begin drawing. Choose a base color, apply it to the nail plate. Dry the varnish by drying in a spray. Take a special varnish for painting with a fine brush or acrylic paints. Point out the future drawing with very subtle strokes. Make sure it is applied correctly. Draw the pattern lines. If you use different colors, dry each before applying the next, otherwise the colors will mix.

Add special effects. For example, glue a rhinestone or pearl into the center of the painted flower. Or powder the picture with small glitters. Ornaments are attached to a dried lacquer or with the help of glue for nails.

Do not you get a beautiful drawing? Try stamps and stencils. So, for example, you can depict on the nails fashionable leopard pattern, and in very different flowers.

Try and classical painting with a needle or toothpick. Apply a thick layer of nail on the nail. Top with a varnish of contrasting color. Use a needle to draw stains, peaks, stripes. Each nail can be covered with its own version of the ornament. Dry the drawing with a spray, apply a protective coating on top.

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