How to make nails for yourself

How to make nails for yourself
Nails also need care, like skin or hair. Therefore, you need to pay attention to them not only when creating a manicure. It is necessary to include regular cosmetic procedures for marigolds in your plans. Then they will always look well-groomed. Best of all with the task set will cope with the course of the baths, which is quite easy to do at home. Yes, and no complex components will not be required – much you probably will find in the kitchen!

The water in the nail should be comfortable warm temperature – it should not burn, because the skin on your hands is so tender! Comfortable temperature is about 40 degrees. But in any case, each person chooses a comfortable temperature individually.

In warm water, add the selected oil, sea salt. You can use other cosmetics. For example, in shops already ready mixes for trays are on sale. And from available oils you can choose olive or lemon. Thoroughly mix the water with additives.

Now, put your hands in the tub. Rest for five to ten minutes – there is nothing complicated. At this time you can watch TV. Baths should be done daily to strengthen the nails, make the skin on the hands more velvety.

It is worth considering the most popular and effective varieties of trays. Of course, in the first place will be sea salt. It is enough to dissolve one tablespoon of salt in warm water! Essential oils are added, if desired, only for flavor. Then always wash your hands with water, apply a nourishing cream. Instead of sea salt, even the cook will do – the effect will be just as beautiful!

No less popular composition for the bath is lemon juice + iodine. Dissolve a couple of spoons of salt in the water, add three drops of iodine, half a glass of lemon juice. In this solution, immerse only the nails! After ten minutes, dry your hands, apply cream.

Foaming of nails is a very frequent phenomenon. You will be helped to get rid of this plague bath with the addition of mineral water. In a glass of mineral water, add a couple drops of lemon juice. After such a bath, you do not need to rinse your hands.

If you make a bath with olive oil, then first warm it in a water bath. Keep marigolds in warm oil for fifteen minutes. Then massage your hands, rubbing the oil into your skin. Remove excess oil with a dry cloth.

You should not bypass the herbal baths. Herbs can be taken almost any: mint, string, chamomile, calendula. Pour two tablespoons of dry grass with a glass of boiling water, insist fifteen minutes. Then cool to room temperature. Hold your hands in this infusion for fifteen minutes, then be sure to grease your hands with cream!

Of course, do not wait for amazing results after one procedure. Although, of course, the skin will become softer. But to strengthen the nails is important regularity – pamper your fingers with baths as often as possible! Then you will forget about the frequent breaking of marigolds, their delamination and many other common troubles.

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