How to make mascara makeup artists

How to make mascara makeup artists
Applying mascara is the final step in eye make-up. It makes the eyelashes thick and fluffy, gives them color and even cares. To emphasize the beauty of the eyes and draw attention to them, it is important to learn how to properly use this cosmetic.

Pick ink, which is right for you, meets your needs and requirements. For example, for owners of straight eyelashes, a twisting extending ink, а при наличии тонких и редких – объемная или с мультиэффектом. То же самое касается и выбора марок и цвета текстуры. Если у вас чувствительные глаза, постарайтесь найти вариант, гарантирующий максимальную безопасность для них.

Before using the mascara directly, gently comb the eyelashes. To give them extra volume, lightly powder them with light shadows or moisturizing powder. To prolong the stamina of the mascara and make the eyelashes more dense and healthy, the preliminary application of the base will help you. As a rule, it is transparent or white, contains vitamin complexes and silicones, thickening hairs. By the way, forceps for curling eyelashes also need to be used before painting them.

Apply ink start with the upper eyelid. To do this, dip the brush once in a tube, remove the excess texture with a napkin and zigzag movements to paint the eyelashes, while twisting them. If necessary, add another layer of carcass, without waiting for the first one to dry. Do not forget about the corners of your eyes, so that the look was more open and attractive.

Нижние ресницы рекомендуется красить легкими, едва касающимися волосков движениями. Старайтесь сделать это максимально аккуратно, чтобы не оставить комочков или следов на коже. Слипшиеся реснички разделите с помощью чистой щеточки.

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