How to make manicure and pedicure with golden broths

How to make manicure and pedicure with golden broths
Unusual, but at the same time chic manicure. It can be done in just five steps, and it is very easy to apply.

You will need
  • – Бордовый лак для ногтей
  • – Transparent crystals
  • – Gold broth
  • – Clear nail polish
  • – Tweezers
Prepare your nails. Clean the cuticle, apply a protective layer. Make a pedicure. In two coats apply burgundy lacquer, wait until it dries.

Капните каплю прозрачного лака в середину верхнего края каждого ногтя. Аккуратно и быстро приклейте стразу. Воспользуйтесь пинцетом.

On 2-3 mm, cover the upper part of the nail with a clear varnish. Fasten the rhinestones. Pour the broth on top and press it lightly against the nail.

For the same technology, decorate the rest of the nails with soup.

Cover the nails with the finish coat. Wait until the varnish dries completely.

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