How to make makeup quickly and beautifully

How to make makeup quickly and beautifully
For the fair sex makeup is a kind of ritual that they produce every morning. If you hone your actions to automatism, you can "draw" your face in any conditions – and with a lack of time, and in marching conditions.

You will need
  • – cleanser;
  • – тональный крем/флюид;
  • – powder;
  • – blush;
  • – gray shadows;
  • – Eyeliner;
  • – black ink;
  • – Neutral lip liner;
  • – помада или блеск.
Cleanse the face with a remedy suitable for your skin type – water, tonic or milk. Now you need to protect the skin with a moisturizer or base under makeup. The base coat makes the face smoother. Apply tonal cream or fluid, its shade select, focusing on the skin tone of the decollete. If you are concerned about dark circles under the eyes, use a masking pencil lighter than your skin color.

With a large round brush, apply crumbly or, if there is not one in the cosmetic bag, a compact powder. By this action, you fix the tonal remedy and give the skin a haze. Surplus powder can be remove fan-shaped brush or a clean napkin.Rumyana take a soft matte – with them is very easy to overdo it, so better to choose A gentle shade that will not contrast with the color of your skin. Apply blush on the protruding parts of the cheekbones. Thoroughly spread the product with light brush strokes.

Spectacular smoky makeup the eye does not go out of fashion, therefore it is necessary to master its implementation. Buy a soft black, gray or brown pencil and draw a thick line near them to the eyelashes. Apply a special sponge on the other end of the pencil or brush to makeupand the eye. Apply the smoky shades of the primitive shadows to the entire upper eyelid, making a gradual transition from dark to light – the darkest tone in the eyelashes flows into the light veil at the eyebrow. Apply dark shadows on the lower eyelid. Paint carefully with black ink all the cilia – this you finish makeup eyes in the style of smoky eyes.

Помада или блеск для губ лягут ровнее и продержатся дольше, если вы воспользуетесь щадящим пилингом, разработанным специально для кожи губ. Выберите средство для makeupа губ, которое не вызывает у вас аллергии и сухости. Помните, что яркий насыщенный цвет губ подходит только для вечернего или праздничного makeupa. If you have placed an emphasis on the eyes, lipstick or shine, choose a natural shade, без блесток. A pencil for lips, if you decide to use it, take neutral – just so that the lipstick does not spread throughout the day. Thus, you will make a quick and beautiful makeup, который с успехом повторите в любое время.

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