How to make makeup for the New Year

How to make makeup for the New Year
Newlyyear The party means a rich program – a festive dinner, dances, walks. In this case, you want to look not only well-groomed, but also festive-bright. Create the right image will help properly selected New Year makeup.

You will need
  • – Moisturizer;
  • – Base makeup;
  • – corrector;
  • – loose powder;
  • – blush;
  • – Highlighter;
  • – eyeshadow;
  • – bulk mascara;
  • – подводка для глаз или накладные стрелки;
  • – Wax lip pencil;
  • – lipstick;
  • – rhinestones.
Prepare the skin by wiping it with a tonic or lotion. On the face, apply a light moisturizer, and on top of it – a base that smooths the skin tone. For the New Year's Eve, bases with special effects are suitable. Pearlescent pink refreshes the complexion, and warm golden with reflective particles looks very impressive with artificial light. If you have oily skin, apply a matting base on the "T-zone" (forehead, nose and chin).

Mask the problem areas of the skin with a corrector. Choose a fairly dense product with yellow podton – It perfectly masks redness on the skin.

Apply the base for the shadows forever – it fixes well makeup, не позволяя теням скатываться в складке века. Припудрите лицо рассыпчатой пудрой нейтрально-бежевого тона. Не забудьте про веки, губы, шею и зону декольте.

The preparatory part is over, it's time for creativity. On New Year's Eve, experiments are welcome. However, it is not worth using cosmetics that have just been purchased and untested – the skin reaction can be unpredictable.

To the face does not look dull, give the skin shine with the help of haylayterov in stick, pencil or cream. Put a few strokes on the cheekbones, under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and collarbones, gently shade them. The skin will get a moist shine. You can use a powder with shiny particles – apply it on the entire face, neck and neckline with a large fluffy brush.

Освежите лицо с помощью румян. Темные летние оттенки замените свежим розовым или коралловым тоном. Интересная идея – румяна с блеском. Наносите их пушистой кистью на яблочки щек, растушевывая в виде запятой по направлению к подбородку.

For the eyes, choose bright, unusual shades in the tone of the New Year's attire. Instead of everyday beige-gray shades, use bright colors with special effects – overflows, pearly shine, satin shine. Follow the principle – the inner part of the century stands out in a light tone, the outer part is dark. Thoroughly shade the shadows for a smooth transition of color.

Emphasize the eyelids by a steady supply of saturated color – black, bronze-brown or ultramarine. If you doubt that you can look your own way, try a fashion novelty – overhead arrows.

На ресницы щедро нанесите объемную тушь черного или purple. Тщательно расчешите ресницы и покройте их тушью еще раз.

You can play and paint pictures directly on the face. Stable cosmetics in the form of pencils or a special make-up paint on the cheek or the cheekbone area a flower or curl of a bizarre shape. For additional decoration, paste rhinestones or artificial pearls.

The final touch is the lips. Circle them with a wax colorless pencil so that the lipstick does not spread. Powder your lips with friable powder and gently apply a firm lipstick with a satin effect. Do not use too dark тона, лучше нанесите поверх помады золотистый или серебристый блеск для губ.

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