How to Make Makeup for Narrow Eyes

How to Make Makeup for Narrow Eyes
Many girls, looking at themselves in the mirror, find in their appearance different flaws. Thanks to properly selected techniques in make-up almost all deficiencies are easily corrected. Owners of insufficiently large eye You can help by properly performing makeup for narrow eye, which will visually increase them and add expressiveness to the look.

You will need
  • – pencils for podvodki;
  • – тени светлых оттенков;
To apply makeup, take pencils for eyeliner and shadows of light shades. There are several techniques for applying make-up that will visually expand eyea. Some of them should be used in the daytime, while others are more suitable for the evening. So, to perform classical make-up for narrow eye, используйте три тона теней. Наиболее темный тон накладываете на внешний уголок eyea. Fold the eyelid with an average tone of shadows, and put the lightest shade under the eyebrow, closer to the bridge of the nose. Careful work with dark shadows, because there will be enough light strokes. Excess dark shadows can visually reduce eyea, and light or even pearl shadows under the eyebrow, on the contrary, visually "open" them. Do not forget about feathering, color transitions should not be sharp.

Draw the lower eyelid with a pencil of light shade with a pleasant pearl luster – the reception is not at all complicated, which allows you to increase eyea. Do not use the dark eyeliner for the lower eyelid, – it is allowed to select only the outer corner in a dark tone eye.

Great importance in make-updesigned to increase the narrow eye, have eyelashes. Long straight eyelashes play against you, so you need to use tweezers to twist them. Ink apply carefully, do not weight your eyelashes. Cilia in the lower eyelid should be gently tinted.

Широкие «тяжелые» брови еще больше сужают eyea. Give them the most appropriate form for your face type and be sure to remove any excess hairs on the bridge of the nose. In order for the eyebrows to look neat throughout the day, use a transparent gel, it will fix the shape.

Проведите контур вдоль ресниц, немного отступая от края, после чего немного растушуйте линии – этот прием позволяет расширить eyea.

Makeup for Narrow eye при азиатском типе лица призван не только визуально увеличить eyeа, но и подчеркнуть их особенно красивую миндалевидную форму. Используйте жидкую подводку и светлые тени с перламутровым оттенком. Подчеркните нижнее веко карандашом светлого оттенка, который наиболее сочетается с тенями.

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