How to make makeup for blondes

How to make makeup for blondes
Blondes have quite a spectacular appearance from nature. In this case, properly selected make-up can emphasize the dignity and make their image more expressive. After all, make-up, which suits girls with blond hair, is very different from make-up, which make brunettes or brown-haired women.

Forget about thick tonal means. In the daytime, blondes are best placed with a light, practically inconspicuous естественный макияж. Хорошим вариантом может быть прозрачная mineral powder. In the composition of such powder there is a lot of light-reflecting particles. Therefore, its use will help to avoid the formation of a "mask effect".

Use a wide brush to apply blush. In this case, use only light blush (light tones). Apply them a thin layer – almost imperceptible. Focus on the cheekbones, creating a healthy glow on cheeks.

Do not apply shadows during the day. However, if you have a desire to make up eyelids, then select a crease of the upper eyelid with a light beige tone.

Choose the right eyebrow pencil. You can use pencils of light gray, brown hues. If your hair is completely white, then use a pencil of light brown color. In turn, for the eyebrows can apply not a pencil, but a shadow. Apply them with a thin brush, with short hard hairs. Also, you can use eye care gel for eyebrows, which can give them a certain tone.

Use brown or gray mascara. This make-up will give your look naturalness and expressiveness. Or choose mascara that fits your eye color. Dark eyes can be emphasized with the help of brown carcass, and blue, gray or gray-green eyes – carcasses are dark blue.

Use a light matte lipstick that is gray or beige. You can use any translucent lipsticks that match the shade of your skin. Just do not paint your lips with pearly lipstick – it will look just vulgar. A good alternative to lipstick is a shimmering, translucent lip gloss.

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