How to make makeup for big round eyes

How to make makeup for big round eyes
Using some secrets of professional make-up artists, you can hide certain flaws in appearance and focus on its merits. Holders of large round eyes should carefully approach the choice of a scheme for applying makeup. Women with large round eyes, as a rule, have a fairly bright appearance. To make such an image more attractive, you need to learn how to choose the right shades of cosmetic products, skillfully combine them with each other and correctly apply makeup.

Before proceeding directly to applying decorative cosmetics, you need to thoroughly clean the skin and moisturize it.
Для ухода за кожей век рекомендуется использовать специальные продукты, предназначенные именно для этой части лица.

To make up the eyelids for as long as possible, you can apply a special cream base on them. After that, matte shadows of an average degree of saturation should be distributed across their entire surface. The convex shape of the eyes can be corrected by imposing dark shadows on the entire mobile eyelid.

Pearlescent textures in this case are not recommended, since they emphasize all fine wrinkles and visually increase the eyelid.

Holders of large round eyes should always bring the upper eyelids with a pencil. Women with this appearance can afford the use of black, dark blue, dark brown pencil. In this case, the line of eyeliner will only emphasize the eyes, make them more expressive.

The line should be drawn from the inner corner of the upper eyelid to its outer corner. It should go up a little. This method allows you to slightly correct the incision of the eyes, to bring its shape closer to the amygdala.

Owners of round eyes are recommended to sum only the outer corner of the lower eyelid. In this case, the line should be wound slightly beyond its edge. This technique allows you to visually expand the incision of the eyes.

To create a bright enough, catchy make-up, you can use liquid eyeliner. Owners of large round eyes are very graceful arrows.

Чтобы зрительно скорректировать разрез глаз, линия подводки должна немного утолщаться у внешнего уголка верхнего века, но никак не по его центру.

As a piping, you can also use dark matte shadows, which must be applied with a sharp edge of a foam rubber sponge or cotton swab. Shadows should be shaded towards the temporal part of the face.

The finishing touch in the make-up of large round eyes should be the application on the eyelashes of a bulk carcass. It is recommended to give preference to cosmetic products of blue, gray, brown shades. Black mascara is more suitable for evening outings. Twisting eyelashes in this case is not recommended, since this method visually enlarges the eyes, opens the eyes, which in this case is absolutely not necessary. For the same reason, it is recommended to abandon the extension carcass.

After the completion of the eye make-up, you can draw your lips with a contour pencil and gently spread the lipstick on their surface with a brush. The hue of the contour must match the shade of the lipstick. To create a more light daytime make-up, you can also use lip gloss.

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