How to make make-up

How to make make-up
The nature of a woman is such that she always strives for perfection. This applies to her appearance, especially impeccable makeup. The technique of doing makeup is constantly improved, but there are basic steps that are present in every method of applying makeup.

You will need
  • – daily cream;
  • – тоник, лосьон;
  • – Foundation;
  • – powder;
  • – Shadows;
  • – pencils;
  • – lipstick, lip gloss;
  • – blush;
  • – спонжи, аппликаторы, кисти.
Before how to do visage, prepare the skin of the face. Clean it with milk and tonic. Moisten the skin with a day cream, apply eye cream to the area around the eyes with pinpoint finger movements.

Corrector mask redness, pigment spots, dark circles under the eyes. Give your face a smooth shade with a foundation, apply a foundation sponge or brush.

Используйте рассыпчатую или компактную пудру для того, чтобы скрыть жирный блеск. Пудру светлых оттенков нанесите на щеки, середину лба, нос. Выступающие крылья носа, обвисшие щеки и другие недостатки лица покройте пудрой более темного оттенка, что позволит зрительно скрыть несовершенства.

Make a clear line of eyebrows. Pencil or special shadows draw the desired shape. Finally, with your fingertips, apply a wax on your eyebrows, smoothing the unruly hairs.

It's time to make eye make-up. Apply the applicator light shadows on the area under the eyebrows and on the inner corners of the eyes. Shadows of the main shade apply to the middle of the eyelids and the area directly above the eyes, на нижнее веко. Кисточкой тщательно растушуйте границы теней.

Pencil draw a line above the upper eyelid. If you want to make the eyes more expressive, then draw a line through the lower eyelid. Instead of a pencil, use liquid eyeliner, draw arrows.

Apply mascara first to the tips of the eyelashes, and then make up their completely zigzag movements. If desired, make up the lower eyelashes. When the ink is dry, brush your eyelashes with a stiff brush.

Start to make-up lips. In a contour pencil, circle the lips, giving them the desired shape. Brush a lipstick and make up your lips, hiding the contours. To add extra volume to the middle of the lips, apply a little transparent shine.

Если вы не делаете яркий макияж, то для make-up lips enough will be one luster. Applicator apply gloss on the lips, the contour in this case you do not need to use.

Завершите визаж с помощью румян. Кисточкой наберите необходимое количество румян и нанесите их на скулы, направляя кисточку к вискам. Широкой кисточкой уберите излишки макияжа.

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