How to Make Lush Hair

How to Make Lush Hair
Lush and voluminous hair is what every woman dreams about. Lush hairstyle attracts attention, makes you more beautiful and sexy. How to achieve the effect of extra volume, if your hair is not so from nature?

Пользуйтесь шампунями, тониками и масками for hair, creating volume Effect. To date, stores offer a large selection of products that increase the volume and health hair.

To hair become lush at the roots – periodically change the location of the parting. If you always wear the same part, the hair around it lies flat and does not rise up.

Applying on the hair муссы и пенки для укладки, слегка подсушивайте влажные волосы – это усиливает их эффект. Сушите прическу hairdryer against growth volos, directing the flow of warm air in different directions.

If your hair is thin and light, do not use gel and wax to shape your hair. These tools will make your hair heavier and duller, so use special sprays and spray guns to maintain the volume and shape of the hair, directing the jet from the bottom up.

The more often you wash your head, the more voluminous and lush the hair will appear. Especially it concerns the thin and weak hair, which get dirty faster dense и сильных.

By purchasing various hair products, make sure that they are as light as possible in composition and consistency, without overloading your hair.

Try to make the stylist light. The streaked strand slightly changes their structure and helps, in this regard, to keep the fluffiness of the hair.

Use a hairdryer with diffuser. Using a diffuser on damp hair, you will achieve light ringlets and volume.

The volume can be achieved by tying the hair on the top of the head in the tail before going to bed. In the morning remove the elastic band – the hair at the roots will rise nicely.

Также вы можете после легкого подсушивания феном завивать волосы на широкие и толстые curlers and fix the effect with a spray to fix the volume.

Укладывайте с помощью круглой щетки и фена разные пряди концами внутрь и концами наружу. Прическа будет казаться пышнее. Также можно в процессе сушки натягивать пряди волос вверх, а затем сбрызгивать roots спреем.

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