How to make longer short nails

How to make longer short nails
Short nails can look very beautiful. However, many women are upset. And most often they do not like not so much the length of the free edge, as the shape of the nail bed. It can be disproportionately short, which makes the hands too "childish", and any manicure is unpleasant. How to be the one who dreams about painted exquisite nails? Lengthen them with all available means.

You will need
  • – means for removing cuticles;
  • – chopsticks from an orange tree;
  • Cuticle Cream;
  • – strengthening base;
  • – nail polish;
  • – coating for varnish.
In the issue of lengthening the nail bed the main thing is regularity. All the necessary procedures must be done daily, only in a few months you will succeed. Do not seek to solve the problem for a couple of approaches – you can seriously damage your nails, and you will need to restore them conditions specialized salons.

Take for a rule after each washing of hands to move a towel of a cuticle on everyone finger. Act gently, but persistently. Water softened by the skin is supple. Rub each finger from the tip to the brush. After that, always apply a softening cream on your hands, rubbing it with the same movements.

Do a manicure at least once a week. Place your hands in a bowl with hot soapy water. After a few minutes, proceed with the treatment. Pay special attention to the cuticle – the skin roller at the base of the nail. Armed with a plastic or wooden stick with a "spatula" on the end. Push it away with the cuticle, scraping it off the surface of the nail, and cut it with sharp wire cutters so that it can be removed with one thin flap. Do not cut into several tricks – on fingers can appear burrs.

You can also try the harmless way. In this case, the skin roller should be softened with a special agent in the form of a cream or oil. Apply it on the cuticle, wait two to three minutes and scrape it with a stick from the orange tree.
Do not use metal tools – they can seriously injure the nail.

The absence of a cuticle lengthens the nail plate and makes it more accurate. In the interval between manicure, rub it with a special oil or cream to maintain an elastic state. It is best to do this procedure in the morning and in the evening. Massage your fingers, pushing the skin back to the base of the nail with effort.

To strengthen your nails, do special masks weekly. The simplest is lemon. Cut the lemon into halves and thrust the fingertips into the flesh. Sit like this for 10-15 minutes. Rinse your hands, carefully wipe them with a towel and massage the cream, pushing the cuticle.

To short nails seemed longer, cover them with a dark varnish, leaving narrow strips on the sides. Under the lacquer necessarily apply a healing firming base. On top, cover them with a shiny layer, updating it daily. Such a manicure will create the illusion of thin fingers with nobly elongated nails.

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