How to Make Lipstick

How to Make Lipstick
Making home cosmetics is a pleasant and economical process. In addition, it allows you to control the composition, select additional ingredients and fragrances, and vary shades in decorative cosmetics. It's very easy to make your own designer lipstick.

You will need
  • Стеклянная или фарфоровая посуда
  • Pan
  • silver spoon
  • Kitchen scales
  • Kitchen thermometer
  • 20 gram of castor oil
  • Pigments, mics, white mica, zinc oxide.
  • 3 грамма пчелиного воска
  • 3 грамма карнаубского воска
  • Vitamin E
  • Grapefruit essential oil
  • Медицинский шприц
  • Футляр для помады
Приготовьте паровую баню – поставьте стеклянную или фарфоровую миску в кастрюлю с теплой водой.

Налейте 20 миллилитров касторового Oil and add to it 1 gram of pigment or cosmetic bowl, the shade you need. Add 1 grams of white mica if you want to get помаду with a slight "frosty" effect. If you need pomade with a UV filter, add 1 grams of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide, in addition to being a mineral filter, has an antiseptic and drying effect.

Mix gently and start warming the ingredients over low heat.

Add 3 grams of beeswax in capsules and mix again.

Gently stirring, add 3 grams of carnauba wax and 0,06 grams of vitamin E.

Heat until all the wax and oils are melted and mixed. Watch out for temperature heating – it should not exceed 80 ° C.

Remove the cup from the fire and add a drop of grapefruit oil to the mixture – this is a natural preservative that will increase the shelf life of your lipstick. You can add any other essential oils of your choice.

Удобнее всего поместить будущую помаду в тюбик при помощи 5 миллиметрового пластикового шприца без иглы. Следует dial массу в шприц, дать немного остыть и remove in the fridge. Mixture congeals за 10-15 минут.

Затем нужно достать шприц из холодильника, отрезать «носик» и поместить столбик помады в футляр.

Одной порции смеси воска и масел хватит на 4-5 помад. Не обязательно делать all lipsticks at once, the basis can be stored in the bank in the refrigerator and prepare a new lipstick, melting the old base and adding to it oils, vitamins and pigments or mics.

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