How to make lip red lipstick

How to make lip red lipstick
The classic image of the fatal woman is invariably connected with a seductive scarlet mouth. But to focus on red lipstick, you need to know some makeup secrets that will help you become irresistible.

You will need
  • – tonal basis
  • – pencil
  • – Lipstick
  • – powder
  • – shine
  • – napkin
Before you start applying lipstick, make sure that the chosen color is right for you. If you have fair skin, give preference to lipstick with a cold pink-lilac shade or classic red. Give up orange tones – they are ideal for girls with a peachy skin tone. And on the lips of the dark-brown will look great brown-Red lipstick.

Scarlet lipstick rivets the eyes, so it requires perfect application. First, apply a moisturizing balm to your lips. Then, use the tonal foundation to smooth the complexion. It can also be applied to the lips or walk through it with a light friable powder.

So that the lipstick ideally lays down and does not spread, be sure to draw the contour lines with a pencil. To do this, pick a pencil not in the tone of lipstick, but in tone to your lips. To make the lines clear and beautiful, apply two points on the middle parts of the upper and lower lips, then connect them. Lightly paint the rest of the lips with a pencil.

Swipe красной помадой по губам в направлении от центра к уголкам, не заходя за линию контура. Промокните губы о бумажную салфетку. Чтобы они выглядели еще более seductively, нанесите поверх помады капельку блеска схожего оттенка, но не размазывайте его по всей поверхности губ вплоть до контура.

If you decide to focus on the red lips, do not apply thick makeup on your eyelids. Otherwise, as a result, you will get the image of a vulgar woman. Better gently stain the eyelashes with mascara and lightly touch the cheeks blush.

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