How to make large curls

How to make large curls
Curls give the female image a romantic mystery. But small curls do not go all. While the large curls are especially feminine, glamorous, always fashionable. If there is no time for the stylist and hairdresser, use modern cosmetics and household tools to create hairstyles.

To create large curls with the help of hot tongs (curd bars), wash and dry your hair well. It is advisable to dry them in a natural way, and not with a hair dryer that will create additional thermal heating for the hair, which is not at all useful for them.

Use the means to strengthen the curls, such as mousses, foams for styling hair. Apply a mousse in a small amount on the hair at the roots. Fasten the upper part of the hair to the back of the head. Screw your hair, starting with the lower ringlets. How large you want to see the curl, take the strand of hair so much wider for winding.

Each strand before winding on a curling iron, sprinkle with a spray to preserve the hairstyle. Loosen the twisted strand from the curling iron, do not comb it. Screw the next one. Sprinkle the bottom of the curled locks with lacquer. Now proceed to winding the upper hair.

Now, when all the hair is wound, lower your head down and sprinkle them lightly with lacquer. This should be done not only to fix the curls, but also to give volume, puffiness to the hair. Throw back the hair back, lay your hands curls, not combing them the way you like more. When buying a fuse, pay attention to its volume. The bigger it is, the larger the curls.

You can resort to using a hair iron. The principle of winding curls is the same as using a curling iron. Hair can be taken with larger strands, since the area of ??the ironing is larger than that of the curd.

Obsolete, but not forgotten way to wind curls – hair curlers. To create the hair style you need, grab large hair curlers. For large waves, wind the hair on the curlers vertically from the crown to the back of the head. To obtain large curls, wind hair curlers horizontally or vertically, slightly wetting them in a beer solution (a quarter of the beer in three quarters of a glass of water) or in a solution of black tea.

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