How to make large curls

How to make large curls
Large curls are a solemn and at the same time very natural hairstyle. FROMделать its pretty easy – you just need to learn a few rules and tips, and you'll catch on yourself the admiring looks of others, delighting them with your wonderful hairdo all day long.

For curls, and even more so for large and shiny, it is very important moisturizing volos – if your hair overdried, then during the week before the celebration, start делать интенсивные увлажняющие маски, лучше через день. Не стоит наносить ее на корни и утяжелять волосы, а вот область примерно от половины длины волос и на кончиках нужно обработать хорошо, оставив маску примерно на 5 минут.

Directly before curling curls, wash your head with a moisturizer shampoo and apply the conditioner. After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly, at the end carefully dry the hair with a towel and allow to dry, gently combing the comb with rare teeth. It is desirable not to use at this stage with a hair dryer, as it "evaporates" from the hair necessary for elastic fixation of moisture.

If you own very long hair, then you can wind it on large curlers. This option is preferable, since the hair will look very advantageous because of the many large and uniform curls. Owners of medium length hair are much better off curling iron со специальной спиральной насадкой, локонов будет намного больше и волосы можно интересней завить, так как на крупные бигуди может не хватить длины.

After curls ready, do not use a massage comb or a comb with frequent teeth – this will loosen the curls, and they will simply lose shape. It's best to gently separate them with your fingers, emphasize the wax or mousse between your fingers and fix it with lacquer. Try not to overdo with the funds for packing – The curls should be light and not fall under their weight throughout the day.

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