How to Make Indian Makeup

How to Make Indian Makeup
Many people stare at Indian beauties in films. This is not surprising, Indian women have an unearthly beauty, charm and charm. They emphasize their attractiveness with bright makeup. Nothing complicated in it and you can try to try on the role of an Indian beauty.

Bright shades, lipstick and a contour with clear lines, held strictly along the border of the lips – this is the basis of make-up in Indian. The tone of Indian make-up is set by the color of eyes and hair. Ideally, this makeup will suit dark-skinned, green-eyed beauties with dark hair. Blondes will have to work hard to adapt it to their light skin and eye color.

В первую очередь, как брюнеткам, так и блондинкам, для создания индийского макияжа нужно приобрести жидкую подводку для глаз и темные тени. Тональную основу девушкам со смуглой кожей можно взять ту же, что и обычно, а вот блондинкам придется начать с автозагара или посещения солярия.

In the choice of powder, be guided by the shade of hair. Brunettes need to choose beige tones, and blondes – peach. Shade shades should blend in with the color of the eyes. Green-eyed girls need green and beige shades, blue-eyed – pink and purple, and the owner of brown eyes will approach any shades.

The eyeliner should also be oriented towards the color type of the girl. Karim's eyes are suitable for black eyeliner, light eyes – gray or brown. For evening makeup, the eyeliner is applied to the entire eye, outlining the upper and lower eyelids completely. For the daytime make-up in Indian, the upper eyelid is painted completely, and the lower half is only half full. All this is complemented by well-colored eyelashes.

Завершающим штрихом в индийском макияже является макияж губ. Цвет помады должен быть ярким и сочным. Для брюнеток – это малиновые тона, for blondes slightly more subdued shades.

Blush should also be bright. Pay attention to the shades of red and burgundy. Pastel colors are not suitable here.

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