How to make Hollywood curls

How to make Hollywood curls
A luxurious dress and high-heeled shoes do not always make you a party queen, if you do not give the hair a stylish styling. One of the classic but stunning folds is Hollywood curls. Are created quickly, are remembered for a long time!

You will need
  • Water
  • Полотенец
  • hairdryer
  • Бигуди среднего диаметра
  • Mousse or Foam for Hair
  • Shimmering Hair Gel
  • Hairpins
Wash hair and wrap the hair in a towel for about ten minutes. Spread damp hair on an oblique parting and tilt the bangs to the right or left side.
How to make Hollywood <strong> curls </ strong>

Apply a small amount of foam to the palm of your hand. volos or mousse. Then spread the mousse over the entire length of the hair. But do not overdo it with the amount of mousse, otherwise the hair will be too fat.

Screw the hair on medium curlers diameter towards back ото лба. Держите их 1,5 – 2 часа. Если у вас термобигуди, будет достаточно держать 5-7 минут.

Dry the dryer curls and remove the curlers. Whip the hair hands and secure curls varnish, but be sure to start by roots of hair. If you have long hair, then once you have removed the curlers, comb the curls with a comb with large teeth.

Hair can be fixed from both sides by invisible in tone of hair or do пробор на любую сторону. Если вы не хотите оставлять волосы в распущенном виде, можете закрутить их в пучок-ракушку. Для этого соберите волосы on the back of the head and make a volume beam, fastening it with hairpins. Also you can make a tall tail by decorating the hairpin.
How to make Hollywood <strong> curls </ strong>

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