How to make highlights on dark dyed hair

How to make highlights on dark dyed hair
Any hairstyle can be refreshed, just by changing the color of several strands. Make highlights on dark dyed hair can be both in the beauty salon, and at home. However, you should remember about some peculiarities of colored hair.

You will need
  • – wadded disks;
  • – hair clips;
  • – comb;
  • – hair dye;
  • – смывка для волос;
  • – latex gloves;
  • – резиновая шапочка.
Prepare all the tools that you need for the highlights. To avoid staining clothes, change into an old robe or T-shirt. Decide which strands you want to repaint. Cut holes in the rubber cap, put it on your head and gently remove the selected strands of hair.

Use a special paint flush to return the hair a natural color. The wash should be applied to the locks along the entire length and hold the time specified in the instructions, and then rinse with warm water. You can stop at this stage if your natural color blends well with dark colored hair.

Dry hair and comb them thoroughly. Carefully read the instructions on the package with paint. Remove two tubes of color and fixer from the package and mix their contents. Work in rubber gloves.

Separate strands from which the paint was washed off. Secure the rest of your hair with hairpins, so that they do not interfere with you. Paint with cotton wool discs or a special applicator, which should be in the package. It is recommended to start the staining process from the occipital part, gradually moving to the sides, the crown and the front of the head.

Comb the strands and color them from the roots to the tips. Treated strands can be gently stabbed so that they do not stain clothing or skin. Applying the dye on the hair near the face, act very carefully, as contact of the dye with the skin can cause irritation, and sometimes a strong allergic reaction.

Wait for 20 minutes. The waiting period can vary depending on how much saturated color you want to get. Detailed information on the time of coloring can be found on the packaging with paint.

Тщательно вымойте голову шампунем. Необходимо удалить с волос не впитавшееся красящее вещество, т.к. оно продолжает действовать.

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