How to make henna for tattoos

How to make henna for tattoos
For anyone who doubts whether to do a tattoo, henna drawings on the skin can be an interesting experiment. The advantage that henna tattoos have in front of all other types of tattoos is fragility. If you want to do the tattoo for a while, you just need to dissolve henna and apply it – after some time tattoo will come down itself.

You will need
  • fine henna powder, preferably specifically designed for tattoos, lemon juice, additional ingredients (optional), syringe, cotton swabs or napkins.
P "P" SЏ tattoo henna better всего использовать специальный порошок хны мелкого помола. Перед тем, как разводить, его следует просеять через сито. После того, как порошок подготовлен, можно заняться приготовлением раствора.

Prepared henna powder is poured with lemon juice to make a gruel. Not too thick, but not so liquid to spread. Now it needs to be stirred. When the gruel becomes homogeneous, wrap it in a bag and let it lie down for about a day. Then the color will be brighter and thick.

If desired, in the composition of henna for tattoo you can add additional components that affect the color. For example, if in recipe хны for a tattoo make basma or ground coffee, the picture will turn out darker. A little essential oil – and the pattern will be much more pleasant.

In addition to additional components, the color of the tattoo is affected by the color most skin. The shade of the skin is one of the most important determinants of the final color. The darker the skin, the browner the pattern becomes. On white skin, it will be orange.
On dark skin, the color of the tattoo will be darker

Before, how to apply mass for the tattoo on the skin, usually make an easy peeling. You can also wipe the skin with eucalyptus oil. Для нанесения хны используется шприц. Иначе сложно получить тонкую линию. Когда рисунок закончен, нужно подождать час или два, пока хна высохнет и впитается.

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