How to make hairstyles for long hair on the prom. 2015

How to make hairstyles for long hair on the prom. 2015
Any girl really wants to become a queen at the graduation party. And for this you need to think over every detail: choosing a chic dress, shoes, make-up. But one of the important accents in your image is a luxurious hairstyle.

Hairstyles to graduation party 2015 is natural and romantic. Owners of long hair can consider a variety of options.


A variety of braids, now very popular, for example: Russian, Greek or French. They can be braided into a basket around the head, or they can be lowered sideways or back. Everything depends on the young lady's desire. The braids can be decorated with beautiful hairpins, pearls, the flowers will look luxurious.

Romantic curls

Currently, the curls are at the peak of popularity. Very nice looking girl with curls. Curls can be made absolutely any and of different sizes.


One of the chic hairstyles for the long-awaited high school graduation – this is a pony tail, which can be decorated with various accessories and ornaments.

Loose hair

Prefer a loose hair. The parting is made oblique or straight, and the bangs are smooth and straight, slightly curled or laid on one side.


Stylishly and elegantly there will be a tall bun, a hair-bow or a cockleshell. From ornaments can be used: silk ribbons, rhinestones, hairpins or fresh flowers.

Also, take on a hairstyle with a high fleece in the style of "babette". This hairstyle will give you special tenderness and beauty.

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