How to make hair thicker with folk remedies

How to make hair thicker with folk remedies
Increasing the amount of hair on the head is facilitated by stimulation of hair follicles with the help of massage or by stimulation with various substances. Full nutrition in the form of masks will help to make hair thicker с help people's means.

You will need
  • – луковица
  • – cognac
  • – honey
  • – Burr oil
  • – salicylic alcohol
  • – infusion of hop cones
  • – отвар из березовых листьев
  • – mayonnaise
  • – vodka
  • – egg yolk
  • – infusion of flourish
  • – sea-buckthorn
Take blender, chop the onion, then squeeze the juice. Mix the juice with a tablespoon of cognac and a teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture on the head, put on the cap and hold the mask for at least half an hour.

Хорошо известно, что укреплению volos contributes to rubbing into the roots of the oil-alcohol mixture from burdock oil and salicylic alcohol. Do this at least once a week for several months.

To improve the vital activity of hair follicles, at least once you try to wash your head with infusion of cones of ordinary hops or decoction of birch leaves.

Since ancient times, baldness and hair loss was treated with help juice of onions and garlic. Onion or garlic paste laid on gauze, after which squeeze out the juice, which is rubbed into the scalp. This mask should be kept for at least two hours. The phytoncids contained in onions and garlic will have a disastrous effect on bacteria, and essential oils will increase the flow of blood to the hair follicles, after which they will start faster grow.

Хорошо восстанавливает структуру волос маска из пяти компонентов. Возьмите по столовой ложке майонеза, водки, репейного масла и меда. Прибавьте один желток и все тщательно размешайте. Если консистенция маски жидкая, можно прибавить пару ложек муки из пророщенной пшеницы. Наносите маску на кожу головы и держите 2 часа. Смываем теплой водой.

Do hair thicker с help народных средств можно, втирая настой репея. Нарежьте репей (около 20 г) и проварите его в 0,5 литра воды в течение 5 минут. Дайте отвару остыть и втирайте его в кожу головы. Курс лечения – 2 month, втирать отвар надо не менее трех раз в неделю.

Inclusion in the diet of fruits sea-buckthorn helps to stop deposition hair. It is useful to drink a decoction from plant branches, and also делать из него маску for hair. From time to time it is recommended to wash your head with a sea buckthorn decoction.

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