How to make hair thick and shiny

How to make hair thick and shiny
Every woman dreams that she has beautiful thick and shiny hair, but not everyone is given it by nature. In addition, modern ecology also does not add health to hair. Therefore, a modern woman should pay careful attention to her locks to help them look beautiful and well-groomed.

First, decide on your type of hair. Make it simple: dry hair is tangled when combing and split на концах, зато их обладательница может долго не беспокоиться о чистоте своих кудрей. Жирные волосы уже через день-два становятся неопрятными и приобретают характерный блеск. Смешанный тип волос чаще всего имеют girls with long hair. At roots such hair fast become fat, but the tips are dull and split. Normal hair also shines beautifully in the sun, does not require frequent washing and additional moisturizing procedures and are, unfortunately, rare.

Correctly choose shampoos and rinse, starting from your hair type. Shampoo is best to take a liquid and transparent – it will not contain additional dyes. When choosing a balm or conditioner, pay attention to the composition: preference should be given to the product, which contains more natural ingredients. But to take shampoo, suitable for any type of hair, it is better not worth it.

Do not despise to use grandmother's recipes. For example, if you want to give hair shine, rinse them with beer. For followers of a sober way of life, a recipe: for a liter of boiled water add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Thin hair can be strengthened by washing with sour milk. A fat hair pampered with a decoction of nettle (in a liter of decoction of nettle, add two tablespoons of decoction of chamomile).

Watch for food. The state of teeth, skin, hair, the general condition of the body – all this largely depends on the food you eat. To strengthen hair, eat more seafood, nuts, greens, eggs, cabbage. These products contain vitamin A, B6 and zinc, which are necessary to ensure that hair were dense и блестящими.

Take care of your hair. Once in one to two months, clean the tips of the tips, do not use the hair dryer too often, let the hair at least occasionally relax from varnishes and mousses. Your locks will surely thank you for your beautiful view.

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