How to make hair styling

How to make hair styling
A modern woman goes through a process daily, such as hair styling. To the hair looked stylish and well-groomed, it is not necessary to resort to the services of a hairdresser or stylist. A perfect result can be achieved independently and at home.

You will need
  • Foam for styling, hair dryer, special hairbrush for styling, hair spray
Wash head habitual for you way. Stacking better Total делать to clean hair.

Расчешите чуть влажные волосы. Делайте это очень аккуратно, чтобы не повредить структуру hairAs wet hair extremely sensitive.

Apply hair to the hair for styling. It is better to apply the foam over the entire length. In order to evenly distribute the styling agent, use a comb.

Leave the lower strands, and collect the remaining hair in bundleso that they do not interfere with you. Screw the locks onto a special comb for styling and dry them with a hairdryer. When you lay down the lower strands, release the following strands, and so gradually move upward until there are no stuck volos.

Secure the result with a varnish for hair. It is necessary that your hairstyle as long as possible.

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