How to make hair smooth

How to make hair smooth
Healthy and shiny hair – a visiting card of any fair sex. However, it happens that for some reason the appearance of the hair is not pleasing: they look dry and lifeless, it's very difficult to lay them.
There are many methods to make hair smooth and shiny, but the safest are the options based on natural means.

Naturally, to make hair smooth and shiny, you need to properly look after them. First you need to buy a suitable comb. Ideal option in this case – a wooden comb with sparse teeth.

The next thing to do is pick up a suitable shampoo and conditioner. It is not worth buying two in one.

The main thing from which it is worth to give up, if you want to make your hair smooth and shiny – it's a hair dryer, and also from washing your hair with hot water.

Now let's talk about masks based on natural remedies that are able to significantly improve the appearance of hair for two or three weeks, make them more docile and beautiful.

Honey mask with burdock oil

You will need:

– Yolk of one egg;

– 3 st. spoons of honey;

– 3 st. spoons of burdock oil;

– Art. spoon of lemon juice.

These ingredients must be mixed in a bowl, slightly heated in a water bath, then applied to clean damp hair for one hour. After a while, the mask should be rinsed using a shampoo. Allow to dry naturally.

A mask called "Three oils"

You will need:

– 2 st. spoons of burdock oil;

– 2 st. spoons of almond oil;

– 2 st. spoons of coconut oil.

Coconut oil must be melt, mixed with almond and burdock, then applied to clean damp hair for 30-40 minutes and warmly wrap your head. After the specified time – rinse with warm water using shampoo.

Mask of gelatinous

You will need:

– One Art. a spoon of gelatin;

– 3 st. spoons of water;

– 2 st. spoons of any purchased hair mask.

Gelatin fill with water, allow it to dissolve (can be heated in a microwave oven), mix the mixture with the purchased mask and apply it on dry, clean hair, wrap it warmly. Keep the mask for more than an hour, a maximum of three hours. After the procedure, the head should be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water without the use of shampoo. This mask significantly improves the appearance of the hair for one application, the hair becomes incredibly smooth, shiny and obedient.

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