How to make hair removal epilator

How to make hair removal epilator
Home epilator – a wonderful invention. An hour and a half times a month – and a woman turns into a moon goddess with skin, smooth, like the surface of milk. Regular use of the device significantly slows down the appearance of unwanted vegetation, thinning hair. And what a savings on the trips to the beauty salon! All would be nothing, but, as in everything, in dealing with epilator need a knack. But how to do it epilation epilator those who do not yet have 10-year experience of handling this miracle of technology?

A couple of days before the procedure, complete the whole body peeling procedure, removing keratinized cells of the epidermis. And a few days before epilation shave off unwanted hair, чтобы к моменту процедуры их длина достигала 0,5-1 см. Если волосы будут короче – epilator will not be able to capture them, but if longer – this will increase the soreness of the procedure many times over.

Before epilation take a shower and wait until the skin is completely dry. Turn on the epilator and slowly, slightly at an angle to conduct them against the growth volos, without touching the skin. On the most sensitive places (bikini, armpits) меняйте скорость work of the epilator on the smaller – so the epilation becomes less painful.

After the treatment is finished, smear the skin with lotion after epilation или обычным маслом авокадо. Перед тем, как упаковать эпилятор, непременно очистите его от волосинок.

Perhaps in a few days you will need to do additional processing. Not all hair is removed the first time – some break off most surface of the skin.

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