How to make hair really beautiful

How to make hair really beautiful
Luxurious hair – an indicator of not only good care, but also excellent health. To become truly beautiful hair will help competent care. And for this you need to know how to properly care for them.

Choose the right shampoo, given your hair type. Dry and damaged strands require additional moistening. Oily, on the contrary, need funds that reduce the production of sebum. Give preference to shampoos based on medicinal plants.

Мыть голову не рекомендуется чаще одного раза в два дня. Это способствует сохранению на волосах защитного слоя и уменьшает негативное воздействие на них окружающей среды. После мытья использование фена должно применяться лишь в крайних случаях. Лучше, если волосы высохнут самостоятельно. В случаях, когда без сушки феном не обойтись, выбирайте щадящий режим и холодный воздух.

Due to the lack of essential trace elements, hair can be prone to excessive loss. Avoid this help special strengthening oils and nourishing masks. Such procedures can be performed in Home conditions weekly. Strengthening is also facilitated by head massage.

Use caution to styling. Cosmetics, which make the hair heavier, are not completely removed during washing. Its components clog the spaces between the scales and, when dried, lead to increased brittleness. Such tools include wax and gel for styling. Try as little as possible to use them. When staining, avoid using perhydrol and ammonia. These substances affect the structure of the hair negatively and lead to its thinning and destruction.

The lack of vitamins in the body most quickly affects the hair. It loses its luster, silky, healthy appearance. The use of multivitamins twice a year – in the spring and in the autumn – will help to avoid this problem.

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