How to make hair less greasy

How to make hair less greasy
Excessive fat content of the hair is caused by the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. This has a negative impact on the appearance, making hair slovenly almost immediately after washing. Completely get rid of excess fat is impossible, but to reduce its amount is quite feasible, using home care products.

You will need
  • – mustard;
  • egg yolk;
  • – vinegar;
  • – lemon juice;
  • – curdled milk;
  • – potatoes;
  • – ржаной хлеб.
В первую очередь желательно обратить внимание на то, в связи с чем hair became fat. For example, in winter, this condition is normal and is due to the wearing of headgear. In this case, you just need to wash more often hair. Sometimes you can hear that daily washing increases the activity of the sebaceous glands even more, but in practice this opinion is not confirmed by anything. Therefore, wash your hair as often as the hair condition requires, but only with a shampoo appropriate to their type.

If factory shampoos do not help, try to prepare a means for washing hair, reducing their fat content yourself. To do this, mix a teaspoon of mustard powder with egg yolk and apply to the scalp. This compound cleans well.

Перед мытьем волос наносите на голову маски, включающие в себя ингредиенты, уменьшающие активность сальных желез. Самая простая маска – это смесь простокваши с двумя ложками картофельного сока. Не less useful rye bread, soaked in water, but this composition is not too convenient for owners of long hair.

Reduce the fat content of hair for one day does not work, any procedures should be carried out in a complex manner. Try daily for a month rub aloe vera juice on your scalp. You can use it in pure form or with alcohol. This mask not only reduces fat content, but also stimulates hair growth.

После мытья ополаскивайте hair кипяченой водой, в которой растворены пара ложек уксуса или лимонного сока. В качестве ополаскивателя можно использовать отвар ромашки. Эти средства помогут понизить уровень кислотности кожи и снизить выработку сала, а также придадут блеск волосам.

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