How to make hair healthy and strong

How to make hair healthy and strong
Beautiful hair is the pride of any woman. But even girls who have received such a wealth from nature should take care of them, as in modern life there are many factors that negatively affect the hair.

Analyze your diet. Beauty of hair needs products rich in vitamins of group B. These are different cereals, wholemeal bread with bran, sunflower seeds. Vitamin A, E and C are also needed. They are found in various fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs. Do not forget about trace elements, such as selenium, copper, zinc and chrome. If you can not ensure proper nutrition, then you can take multivitamin complexes. In the spring, this is especially true, since the body is particularly keenly aware of the lack of vitamins.

Do not wash your head with too hot water, as it is strong dries hair. This is especially important in winter, when dry indoor air and cold on the street contribute to a strong loss of moisture.

When washing, soap the hair twice. For the first time you will wash away the stowage and street dirt that has become attached to them. The second is the excess of fat from the roots of the hair. And remember that the shampoo should be applied to the roots of the hair, whipped into a foam and only then distributed over the entire length. And the conditioner and masks are applied mainly on the ends, since they are the ones that are most susceptible to damage.

During washing, massage the scalp. This will increase blood circulation in it and improve the access of nutrients to hair follicles.

Не применяйте часто фен и другие нагревательные приборы для укладки (утюжки, плойки). Если же такая необходимость существует, используйте средства, которые защищают волосы от теплового воздействия. А фен выбирайте с возможностью сушки cold air.

Wear a hat. In winter, it protects the hair from the effects of cold air, and in the summer from the negative effects of sunlight. Choose not too warm hats, as sweating leads to faster contamination of curls. In summer, the sun destroys the protective structure of the hair, which makes it dry and lifeless. In addition, the hat protects you from sunstroke in the summer.

Leave all experiments with the hair until the spring. Winter and summer, especially the time before a trip in warm countries to the sea – not the best time to expose them to strong chemicals. Hair is already not easy. Do not additionally injure them by staining, curling or straightening.

Apply nourishing masks at least once a week. Dry and damaged hair will be very "pleased" with such masks and two, and three times a week.

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