How to make hair glazing at home

How to make hair glazing at home
Glazing is a special hair care procedure that helps to deliver nutrients and ceramides to the very core of the hair and protect curls from the adverse effects of the environment with the help of a special film or glaze that envelops every hair. More recently, this type of care was available only in the salon conditions. Currently, women have the opportunity to do glazing at home.

You will need
  • – a complete set for glazing;
  • – gloves;
  • – plastic bag;
  • – mild shampoo;
  • – terry towel;
  • – Nourishing mask or balm;
  • – conditioner or spray for hair care.
Do glazing with a special kit. It can be bought in an online store or in a specialized store where professional hair care products are sold.

Перед глазированием тщательно промойте волосы с помощью мягкого нейтрального шампуня. Немного подсушите махровым полотенцем. Фен использовать не нужно.

Apply a nourishing mask or balm. You can buy these products together with the glazing kit, separately or use the means with which you systematically take care of your hair.

After 10-15 minutes, rinse the applied balm with warm water. This should be done very carefully, so wash off the mask or balm until the water draining from the hair becomes completely clear.

Mix the glaze formulation in the proportions specified in the manufacturer's instructions. Apply over the entire length of the hair, starting from the roots. Comb the hair with a small comb, lift it up, cover with cellophane, top up a terry towel so that under the influence of heat, ceramides and nutrients penetrate the very depth of the hair structure. This way to keep the composition on your hair will have 40 minutes. To speed up the process, instead of a towel, use a hot air flow from the hair dryer. For 15-20 minutes, heat hair through a cellophane bag.

Далее промойте волосы теплой водой, подсушите полотенцем. Нанесите стабилизирующий состав. Через 5-10 минут смойте и нанесите кондиционер или жидкий спрей, предназначенный для ухода за волосами.

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