How to make hair glazing at home

How to make hair glazing at home
The glazing process allows you to protect each hair with a therapeutic glaze made of ceramides and moisturizing ingredients. As a result, the hairstyle acquires volume, and the hair becomes healthier, their structure and chemical composition are restored.

In a specialized store, buy a colorant and activator for it, a hair conditioner, a stabilizer, tools (brush, mixing bowl, disposable gloves). It is better to choose quality products of proven manufacturers. Glaze is colorless and color – the first gives shine to the hair, and the second tones the hair, slightly changing their color. If you get colored glaze, then note that this is not staining, and bezammiachnoe toning – hue will change only one or two tones. Choose a color that is close to the natural palette of hair.

Moisten moist curls with usual shampoo, whip the foam, massage the skin and rinse the formula. On clean hair, apply a nourishing mask, wait for the time and remove the remnants of the drug.

Combine in the bowl two parts of the activator and one part of the shade agent, slowly mix everything, getting rid of air bubbles. As a result, you should get a mixture like gel, with a pearly hue.

Wear gloves and brush the hair, spreading the gel-like glaze evenly from the roots to the tips. Cover the head with a plastic wrap and go with it. 15-20 minutes will be enough for the mixture to absorb and penetrate the structure of the hair. Wash the head without using shampoo and lightly pat yourself with a soft towel.

Treat hair with a stabilizer. Its main function is to preserve the saturation of hair color. Apply the compound on the hair, and after 5 minutes, wash off the formed foam. Wash your hair well and dry it.

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