How to make hair extensions at home

How to make hair extensions at home
Modern cosmetology technologies allow a woman to always look great and quickly change her appearance. Building volos Today is a versatile and very popular means to achieve the desired hairstyle. A woman, having a short haircut, can become the owner of luxurious long and thick volos. For this, it is not necessary to visit the beauty salon and spend big money. Building volos possibly at home.

In a specialized store, purchase all the necessary tools and materials for this procedure: forceps for securing accreted volos, a separator for strands, a vibrating shaver for aligning borders with own volosand, of course, artificial strands. Prepare your voloss to the procedure – thoroughly wash them with a mild shampoo.

Share your voloss on the circumference of the head on small strands. Selecting one (no more than 1 cm in diameter), attach a strand of artificial volos at a distance of not more than one centimeter from the roots. At the end of the artificial strand should be attached a special keratin capsule (Italian technology). Melt it with forceps. Thanks to this, volos. With the rest of the strands, do the same. Move in the direction from the front to the back of the head.

After all the strands are attached, treat them with a vibrating shaver. This will allow voloss and smooth the joints of your own and your own volos. The whole procedure will take you three or four hours. Instead of capsules, you can use hot resin, silicone, or wax and glue gun. With this method of building, very rough joints are obtained volos, so they should be carefully processed with a vibrating brush, and then it is not recommended to comb often voloss.

The hot way is very effective, but due to the thermal impact it can be damaged voloss. There is another safer method of building up. It is referred to the Spanish technology, based on the cold method. The hair is attached with a special "Ruber" glue, which can also be purchased at a specialized store. This technology is difficult to conduct and requires some experience.

Another method is to build on metal beads. In a special metal ring, you should carefully insert the artificial and your own volos and press it with pliers. However, the effect of this procedure is short (about two weeks). Choosing the appropriate method of building volosyou can easily perform such a procedure in Home conditions.

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