How to make hair bulk at home

How to make hair bulk at home
Every girl, even the one who by nature has thick and curvy hair, was once interested in the question of how to make the hair more spacious. If you do not have the time or money to create a large hairstyle in a beauty salon, it does not matter, because even at home you can put your hair in such a way that they will seem incredibly lush.

How to volumetric and beautifully style hair

The easiest and fastest way to arrange the hair so that they look bulk is drying the hair in a certain way. To give the volume of hair you will need only a foam, a round brush and a hair dryer. So, first of all, wash your hair, then pat them with a towel and apply a small amount of foam over the entire length of the hair, including the basal area, (for a hair of medium length and thickness, you need a foam ball with about a chicken egg). After distributing the foam, pick up a round brush and hairdryer, use a comb to gently lift your hair, scroll the device in your hand, blow dry your hair with a hair dryer, directing the warm air from the bottom up. Drying starts from the back of the head, then go to the side parts.

An easier way to get the volume on your hair is to dry your hair, tilting your head down. To do this, you need to wash your head, apply a little styling agent (foam, varnish, wax, etc.) to the dried hair, tilt your head down and so thoroughly dry the hair with a hairdryer. In this case it is very important to remember that the jet of warm air during drying must go from the roots of the hair to their tips.

A good volume of hair can give curls, for the creation of which used curlers with medium and large diameter. To create curls, the first thing to do is to wash and dry the hair, then apply any styling product (preferably a stronger fixation) on them and screw them on the curlers. After that, hold the hair curlers on your head for at least 30 minutes, and after a while, the hair should be thoroughly warmed (with a hairdryer) and the curlers removed. All that remains to be done is carefully fingering the locks and fixing the hair with a varnish.

If you need to give your hair volume so that it lasts a fairly long time, then there will help. First, apply mousse to the hair for styling and blow dry with a hairdryer. Then slightly curl the ends of hair with a curling hair, and after waving, take a comb with sparse denticles, separate a small strand of hair on the nape, place a comb about 10 centimeters from the roots and several times draw the device along the strands to the roots. In this way, scrub all the hair, then lightly brush the hair so that you can not see the fleece, and fix the hair with a varnish.

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