How to make fashionable hairstyles

How to make fashionable hairstyles
We live in a time when fashionable haircuts and hairstyles so much that you can not count. Almost everything that has ever been at the peak of popularity is relevant now. You can choose a fashionable hairstyle for any mood, any costume and for any occasion your.

In this season, color strands are fashionable. If you liked to experiment with school hair according to principle "hair – не зубы, ещё вырастут», тогда прическа с цветной прядью – это ваш конек. Причем модны не натуральные цвета, а яркие оттенки. Чтобы сделать цветную прядку возьмите оттеночную тушь или спрей и нанесите. Удобство в том, что вы сможете её смыть при первом же принятии ванной.

Blondes are as relevant as ever. The best color is the color that gives the hair hydrogen peroxide. Rooted roots are now not blamed, but on the contrary, are welcome.

Lovers of braids, now you can triumphantly wear your favorite braids, though in the fashion lush braids, as if braided carelessly, and not neat girl's braids. However, if you do on the head hairstyle a la "Yulia Tymoshenko," you, too, will not look old-fashioned.

Afrostyle. Well, pigtails know how weave all. But this style implies a head in the style of "dandelion." If you are afraid to go to such experiments, then start, or fluff. For this you will need a pair of forceps, which are designed for fine curling and a brush for giving volume.

Как in men In fashion, light unshaven, and among women в моде лёгкая непричесанность. Как будто вы только поднялись с подушки. Посмотрите на Гвинет Пэлтроу и попробуйте сделать так, как у неё.

Embryonic short hair do not lose popularity. If you do not want to completely lick your hair, you can smooth just whiskey, and make a side part.

Smooth shiny curls with an oblique parting came to us from 70-x years. Such hairstyles elegantly look with evening dresses.

A pony tail and a bun for practical lovers. Make a low French bunch near the neck, or on the very top, like a ballerina. The playfulness of your image will give the beam a bit off-set.

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