How to make false eyelashes

How to make false eyelashes
With the help of false eyelashes, you can dramatically change your look, make it charming, and your eyes expressive. Can I glue false eyelashes on my own without a trip to the salon?

First of all, choose the right eyelashes. Now the store has a huge choice, they have different thickness, length and different colors. In addition, many eyelashes are decorated with rhinestones, sequins and other appliques. Do not take too long – these are suitable only for special events, they can be used on New Year's Eve or to create an extravagant image. For evening make-up, buy classic black eyelashes. They emphasize the depth of view and visually increase the eyes. All false eyelashes are made of natural hair, have excellent quality, extremely soft and easy to apply.

Используйте только специальный клей для ресниц. Не покупайте тот, который кто-то порекомендовал, если он не предназначен для нанесения на кожу. При попадании на слизистую глаз вы можете получить ожоги и даже раны. Выбирайте клей на латексной основе, он способен держать ресницы, пока вы сами не решите их снять. Обычно в набор к ресницам входит и качественный клей.

To glue false eyelashes, gently pry them out with one hand using tweezers. Attach to the eyelid and check that the Do eyelashes you in length. They must begin at the inner corner of the eye and in no case go beyond the outer. If they are too long – carefully cut the excess.

Carefully apply to tape with eyelashes клеящий состав, дайте секунд тридцать подсохнуть, чтобы состав стал липким. Приложите накладные ресницы по возможности поближе к своим натуральным ресничкам. Легким надавливающим движением придавите клеящую полоску к коже.

To hide the eyelash junction line, draw a thin, neat line with liquid liner.

Запомните, ресницы надо adhere after applying makeup. They can be used many times, so after removal carefully place them in a special box and store in a dark place.

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