How to make eyelid suspensions at home?

How to make eyelid suspensions at home?
To keep youth and openness of a sight without surgical intervention quite under force and in house conditions. Simple exercises, properly chosen cosmetics and desire – this "company" is capable of doing wonders. On the life-giving power of rest is also not to be forgotten. Services beautician pleasure is not cheap, but such a procedure as eyelid lift, you can hold yourself. A greater effect will make it possible to combine special exercises and cosmetics.

Since wrinkles in the eyes, jokingly called "fish tail," especially noticeable with age, cosmetics also need age. But one eye cream alone will not give the desired result.

Muscles, which have lost elasticity, need a tonus. It was for this support of the century that Facebuilding was invented – only four exercises:

First you need to close your eyes tightly. In this position, stay 20 seconds, then raise your eyebrows, as if from surprise. Again, idle for 15-20 seconds, after which you can relax. Exercise is performed without opening your eyes.

Now you need to open your eyes wide and blink 20 times at a very fast pace. In total there must be ten such approaches.

The next exercise is done with the hands. Fingers are arranged as follows: the index – lie down along the eyebrows from above, and the big ones under the eyebrows. The eyes at this time are slightly covered. During the opening of the eyes, the fingers resist, which must be overcome. The duration is the same – 15-20 seconds. Repeats no more than 15 times.

In the final stage, too, the hands are involved. The pads of the middle fingers are between the eyebrows, and the index pads are on the outer corners of the eyes. Looking up, you need to try to close your eyes 10 time. At the end, blink at 20 seconds and relax.

Facebuilding – a set of exercises aimed at the development of facial muscles facial. With regular exercises, they smooth and reduce wrinkles near the eyes.

Кроме «физкультуры» для век, уход за лицом требует различных женских приятностей в виде качественной косметики. Про дешевые гели и крема лучше забыть. Иногда они могут стать причиной аллергии или просто не дадут никакого эффекта.

Home remedies for this purpose are no worse. Often they are safer relative to the purity of the ingredients. Self-prepared masks are simple in their compositions, but no less effective, for example, a regenerating potato mask:

Juices of potatoes and sauerkraut (brine) are mixed 1: 1 and to add viscosity, flour or white clay is added to the mixture. All is mixed in a homogeneous mass and applied to the eyelids. Session time is 10-15 minutes. Then everything is washed off with water no lower than room temperature.

The swelling of the eyelids will help remove the lotions from the solution of strongly brewed tea. The wadded discs moistened in it are superimposed on the eyelids. For 10 minutes, swelling will come down.

Very effective tightening mask based on egg yolk: potato juice mixed with vegetable oil and yolk. For cooking, olive oil or sesame oil is preferable. Each of the oils can be used as a mask completely independently. For the quality of the result, this drug is lost by any whey that modern cosmetology can offer, especially in terms of accessibility and price.

Маска готовится за несколько минут до нанесения, не должна быть горячей. При возникновении неприятных ощущений состав немедленно смывается теплой водой.

As a variant of the yolk mask, aimed specifically at the eyelid lift, use a mixture of yolk, olive (linseed) oil and lemon juice. The composition is applied to the skin and aged for 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to wash such masks with warm milk.

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