How to Make Eyebrows

How to Make Eyebrows
Women's attractiveness is made up of many details. If a woman wants to emphasize some virtues, she resorts to special means. One of them is make-up. With the help of carefully selected make-up, you can make the facial features more expressive, and even completely change their appearance. For example, eyebrows. Change eyebrow shape can dramatically change the facial expression. How to make the eyebrows the most attractive?

Response following: by means of their correction. in order to change form eyebrows not just succumbing to the influences of fashion pluck out. Here it is necessary first of all to start from forms and type of face. But whatever form you take as a result, nor have you chosen, there is an immutable rule: both eyebrows должны быть абсолютно симметричны и единой формы, а внешний конец брови всегда тоньше внутреннего.

Before plucking your eyebrows, look at how the brow is bent, and only after it start adjusting the width of the eyebrows, while making a bend and cutting this width to the outer tip.

The adjustment algorithm is as follows:
* начало брови определяем по линии, идущей через внутренний уголок eyes and the wing of the nose;

* по линии от крыльев носа через внешний уголок глаза определяем внешний конец брови.

* most верхняя точка брови должна быть на 3 мм ближе к внешнему уголку глаза от центра зрачка;

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