How to make eye masks

How to make eye masks
The skin around the eyes requires special care, because it is very thin and delicate. Protect the sensitive skin of the eyelids will help the mask. They should be applied through gauze pads, keep 15-25 minutes and rinse with warm water or even decoction of herbs: lime blossom, chamomile or rose petals.

Masks apply courses, at least 2-3 once a week, preferably before going to bed. Do not prepare the mask for age in advance, it is better to combine all the ingredients immediately before application. Regular use of masks activates blood circulation in skin cells and increases its elasticity.

To soften the dry skin of the eyelids, make a mask of oatmeal and honey. Mix honey (2 tsp) with ground oat flakes (2 tsp). Dilute with water to a consistency of sour cream and warm it up a little. Apply on the skin around the eyes, and after 20-25 minutes, rinse the mask with cool water and apply a nourishing eye cream.

To smooth out wrinkles and relieve inflammation, make masks from flaxseed. Pour the flaxseed (2 tsp) with a glass of water and cook until the seeds completely boil and turn into a gruel. Warm the mass on a small piece of gauze and leave it on the eyelids for 20-30 minutes. Wash the mask of the seeds with lukewarm water, then apply moisturizing cream for the eyelids.

Избавиться от темных кругов и немного отбелить кожу век вам поможет маска из петрушки. Мелко порежьте петрушку, добавьте сметану (1 ч.л.) и нанесите смесь на марлевые подушечки. Положите их на закрытые глаза, а через 20-25 минут умойте лицо теплой водой.

To soften the skin of the eyelids and eliminate "crow's feet"Make masks of white bread and olive oil. Lower the crumb of bread or white bread into warm olive oil, then place the soaked bread carefully on the skin around the eyes. After 15-20 minutes, remove the bread and rinse the remaining oil with warm water. Do not forget to apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

To get rid of from edema и мешков под глазами, делайте маски из картофеля. Прежде всего нужно натереть на самой мелкой терке одну сырую картофелину. Затем кашицу разделите на 2 части, заверните в маленькие отрезки марли и наложите на веки. Через 20-30 минут снимите и протрите кожу отваром ромашки (1 ч.л. сухой травы на 1 стакан кипятка). Делайте эту маску не реже 2 раз в неделю, только тогда будут видны результаты. Освежить вечером кожу вокруг глаз можно с помощью двух кружков очищенного сырого картофеля: просто положите их на веки и оставьте на 15 минут.

To urgently help the skin of the eyelids, make compresses of strong black tea. Sachets of tea pour boiling water, let it brew 3-5 minutes and apply to the skin around the eyes. After 15-20 minutes you can wash with warm water.

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