How to make eye makeup correctly

How to make eye makeup correctly
Eye makeup plays an important role in creating an image. The technique of makeup depends on the color and shape of the eye, the time of day, the dominant color in clothes and much more. Actual makeup must always emphasize the eyes and make them more expressive.

You will need
  • Base for shadows, shadows, eyeliner, mascara.
Eye make-up traditionally begins with the selection of shadows. Try in this matter to focus not so much on the color of the eyes, as on its color. It is he who will tell you which shade colors will suit most. Also, be guided by the color of the skin and hair. For example, brunettes with brown eyes need to give preference to such shade colors as golden, dark brown, silver, black, fuchsia and lilac. But the brown-eyed blonde is better to choose sand, beige, dark pink or green shadows. For blue eyes, choose a beautiful range, consisting of gold, silver, purple, pearly, gray-brown, bright blue.

If you have green eyes, stop choosing any shades of brown and green shadows. Copper and golden tones are also allowed. As a shade, the basis can be peach, gray-brown and darker shades. Evening makeup create with the help of dark purple, metallic and creamy shadows. Use the gray-black or chocolate color as the piping. For eye enlargement, use a white or golden pencil.

Start the eye make-up with a simple wash to degrease eyelids. After all, there is nothing worse than smeared arrows or inaccurately imposed shadows. Performing makeup, observe this sequence: first the base for the shadows, then the shadows, and then you can make up the eyelashes with mascara. Base the application, starting with the ciliary part and ending under the eyebrows. Always draw arrows first. Applying shadows, use such a technique as feathering. Thanks to it, there is no border between the shadows of the two colors. Always put shadows of the primary color on the eyelids first. And on top of them you can add countless shades.

To create an evening eye makeup use the following technique: apply the main color of the shadows to the ciliary zone. Start from the middle of the century and finish at the wrinkle. Then apply the main tone to the lower eyelid. Now overlay the shadows of a darker color with a thin line. Start from the inner corner of the eye and finish at the outer corner. The line of shadows should gradually become wider. After that, carry out the feathering.

Regarding the correction of the shape of the eye, there are many techniques that help to eliminate this or that disadvantage. So, the lowered arrows can be visually raised if you draw arrows on the eyelids and shade them so that they rise to the temples. Overhang the eyelid, applying a slight shadow on the upper crease. With widely set eyes, darken the inner corner of the mobile age. This will help visually to bring your eyes closer. With narrowly planted eyes, on the contrary, put dark shadows on the outside. If you have round eyes, do not circle them. Narrow eyes can be opened, if you hold a white pencil on the mucosa of the lower and upper eyelid. Give mystery to the bulging eyes, covering the entire mobile eyelid with matte shadows.

Choose the color of the carcass depending on the color of the hair. If you are a blonde, create a beautiful eye make-up with a brown carcass. The black color of the carcass will suit the owner of dark hair. Before applying the mascara, powder the eyelashes a little, then they will not stick together and will acquire a chic volume.

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