How to make expressive eyes in 2018 year

How to make expressive eyes in 2018 year
The woman's eyes are her weapon, and the expression "shoot eyes" appeared not accidentally. Indeed, women know how to use their charm, especially since it is very easy to achieve an effect with expressive eyes.

You will need
  • Тушь, тени для век разных оттенков, черный карандаш для глаз, белый карандаш.
Choose the color of the shadows that matches the color of your eyelashes, and apply them with a thin line along the border of the lower lashes. Excess shadows wipe with a swab. On the top border with a pencil, apply a line, pulling the eyelid. The line should be continuous and smooth, after applying, shade it – there should not be any clear lines, only so you will get expressive eyes, making smoky makeup eye.

Нанесите на верхнее веко до wrinkles dry shadows – smoky, silvery or charcoal Black, at your discretion, since the color of the shadows is chosen individually depending on color глаз. То, что идет кареглазой woman, does not fit a green-eyed or blue-eyed beauty. This must be taken into account when choosing eye shadows. On the lower eyelid, on the border with the line of eyelash growth, apply a few strokes with a white pencil – this visually increases the eyes.

Make up eyelashes black ink, предварительно подкрутив их. Если вы не знаете, how to do it eye makeup, start by applying a light foundation to the fold of the eyelid, then apply darker shadows and blurring the border between them, with dark colors applied in the direction of the temple, light colors in the direction of the corner of the eyes.

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