How to make dry shampoo at home

How to make dry shampoo at home
In recent years, dry shampoos are becoming more popular. But, unfortunately, such a product costs an order of magnitude more expensive than a traditional shampoo. However, dry shampoo is not difficult to cook at home.

Women increasingly need not only to manage everything at work and at home, but at the same time look good. Unfortunately, there is not always enough time to put yourself in order. And then the so-called "emergency funds" come to the rescue.

In recent years, one such alternative was dry shampoo, which helps restore hair shine and cleanness in just a few minutes. Dry shampoo is convenient because it can be used when there is no possibility or time to fully wash the hair in a traditional way. Such a cosmetic product will become indispensable during illnesses, travel or business trips.

Dry shampoo is becoming more popular also because it does not require water. Extracts included in its composition, absorb the dirt well and help get rid of the greasy shine that appears at the roots of the hair on the second day after washing the head.

Unfortunately, a good dry shampoo is often much more expensive than conventional traditional hair shampoo. However, it is not difficult to prepare it in domestic conditions.

Here are two of the simplest recipes for making dry shampoo in Home conditions:

1. It is necessary to mix in a small container one teaspoon of edible salt and one tablespoon of wholemeal flour. A small amount of the mixture should be applied to the hair at the roots, rubbed into the scalp. Then leave for a couple of minutes and carefully comb the hair comb with frequent prongs.

2. If you have a small child at home, you can use baby powder to make a dry shampoo. To do this, mix 1 teaspoon of talc (powder) and 2 tablespoons of starch flour. The way of application is the same as in the first recipe; only in this case, the hair will remain a small flavor of perfume, which is part of almost any powder.



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